A Compelling Tale

 A review by Pete Lihou, author of Racels Shoe  ‘As I started to read this story of the First World War battles, romance and politics I was reminded of one of my favourite authors Patrick O’Brian. Those of you who have read him will know the kind of great story teller he was and the historical accuracy he brought to all his books.

Over by Christmas has yet another dimension, not only is it a naval classic, but it describes vividly the man at the helm in this terrible war. The British Prime Minister’s obsession with a younger woman not only dominated his judgement but laid him open to the most dangerous of security risks.

Some historical works can be dreary but this isn’t one of them, the author is sensitive and skilful in his description of the affair and the parallel story of an ordinary woman and her love of a naval gunner.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by William Daysh and recommend it most strongly, my only regret is I have turned the last page and I hope there is a sequel!’

Pete Lihou, 02 January 2010