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A must read – you will laugh out loud! 31 Dec 2010 By V. Franklin

This review is from: Who Cares? (Paperback)
I have just read “Who Cares?” by Drew Kinayle and for a first book it’s very good, in fact for any book it’s very good. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s not predictable in the way that lots of books in the same ‘chic lit’ category are. The characters have more than one dimension and they are linked in mostly realistic ways to one another (sometimes in ways you would never predict!) The situations they find themselves in are true to life (although some of the situations Remi finds herself in won’t be situations EVERYONE finds themself in!)

I honestly laughed out loud in parts and the relationship between Remi and her Gran is touching to ‘see’.
I hope that others enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed it, and I would definately recommend it to people who like authors such as Carole Matthews, Sophie Kinsella. I was dissapointed to reach the end of the book, however, I feel that the author has opportunities to write a sequal! Which I look forward to! Well done Drew, I will look out for your next one.


5.0 out of 5 stars A brilliant read, 5 Jan 2011

This review is from: Who Cares? (Paperback) by Reader Girl Also on .es
Wow where do I begin? This is definitely not your average chick lit book. If you are deliberating whether to buy this first novel of Drew Kinayle, wonder no more – buy it now: you won’t regret the decision!

This book is moving, funny and inspirational. The characters develop throughout the story. Their journeys are believable and I found myself rooting for all of them. It’s not often that I don’t find something to dislike in a character, but I truly didn’t with this book. I found myself wanting a friend like Henry and a Gran like Gran! It is inspirational as like Remi, I think we all need to be reminded to look at what is really important,

otherwise who knows what we will miss out on.

I won’t spoil the plot, but I doubt anyone will see the twists and turns coming, and whilst they were a surprise, they were still very believable. One minute I was laughing out load, and the next minute I was in tears. Hopefully there will be further Remi books – I would love to spend more time with all the characters!

There is nothing better than a book that grabs you… and this certainly does that – I really can’t recommend it highly enough.


5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant first book!!!, 8 Dec 2010 By kelsocool

– This review is from: Who Cares? (Paperback)
I am really not the type of person who enjoys books very much but this book had me in laughter and tears all the way through. It was a mixture of all the silly things we say and think in our own lives but we are too scared to tell others in case they think we are mad!! I really liken it to a sophie kinsella type of writing (who is one of the ONLY authors i read). The characters are all so lovable and funny you really connect with them and feel like this could quite easily be your own life!!!

Great to read with a cup of hot chocolate, a few biscuits and a duvet on the sofa!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars fabulous, 3 Feb 2011 By cazz847

– This review is from: Who Cares? (Paperback) Also on .es

I was recommended this book at xmas by a friend and forgot all about it until a week ago when i was making an order on amazon.When it arrived i took myself to bed early with a big bar of galaxy chocolate and i actually got through more of the book that night than the chocolate!!I could not put the book down if i hadnt had to get up with my children the next day i would have carried on reading.When the kids went to school i neglected the housework much to my husbands disgust to finish the book i just finished before school pick up!!!! i was hooked i loved it i felt like the author knew me and was taking snippits of my life and putting them in her book i always resembled my