Review: Haunting Shades of Grey [now Haunting Echoes] Thank heavens I opened this book on a holiday afternoon! I only intended to read a chapter or two but could not put the book down till I’d reached the end late the same evening. This is the fourth in a series of mystery/detective stories with a supernatural twist by Mai Griffin. Clarrie is off painting what she thinks is an innocent scene, yet its depiction is one that will spark a murderous attack, leaving her mother Sarah distraught. Their friend Polly takes on a major role in the investigation which rapidly grows into a gripping tale. This is a fluent narrative that gradually weaves a tapestry of characters from both the living and the spirit world. The storyline deftly moves its emphasis from thread to thread, bringing deeper life to the different characters and personalities. The reader is kept constantly engaged by the short chapters and the masterful hanging suspense. So much so, that even as we reach the final denouement, we have to read right to the last page to ensure that all ends have been tied. The book is also in a new format a large paperback and a very readable large font on quality white paper, reflecting the quality of the text that it promises the reader. So if you like your sleuthing with a ghostly air, pick up this book. But remember, start reading it early enough in case, like me, you cannot put it down till you reach the end. — Dr Chris Thomas, Milton Contact Ltd